Grades 1 to 10

Call us on +273 505 1528 or Email ____________________________

Fourways Academy Provides a multi sensory , hands on environment for children who may need a smaller, more dedicated education or for Parents who want their child to be educated as an Individual..

We are a small Independent School that endeavours to provide involved learning to each child within a natural and dedicated environment.

We follow the CAPS curriculum with 4 reports per year and we run to a 4 term school holiday calendar. Our approach and focus is mainly on Education and encouraging and supporting independent learners.

We also do cater for remedial needs such as reading or math barriers as well as emotional or concentration challenges. 

We have found great benefit from the small groups, we are also basing our routine on the Finnish education system. Their outlook on education is phenomenal and the results they get from the children; results in it being called the best education system in the world.
Our environment won’t suit all Parents, but it will suit all children, regardless of their differences, and allow them to be Learning ready as opposed to “school ready”

We are specialise Grade R to Grade 10

  • 10 – 18 children per class
  • Individual Educational Plans – IEP – per child
  • Daily Feedback to Parents
  •  Caps curriculum 
  • Movement program integrated into daily routine
  • Specifically designed routine to provide each child with the best learning     environment possible
  • Homework and Reading Guidance
  • Fully dedicated and involved Tutors
  • Aftercare & Affordable Fees
  • Art classes
  • We do also cater for children with Learning  / Remedial needs
  • Terms / Holidays : we run to 4 terms per year and close over all holidays.
  • Weekly Sports – Basic Intro to Sports i.e.; Soccer, Cricket, Netball etc. We refer all children to sports clubs within our area.
  • Holiday Care: will be advised 1 month prior to holidays, if it is available per holiday- Grade R – 6 only.
Should you require any further Information please contact
Should you require Supplementary / Specialized Tutoring please visit for more info

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