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Fourways Academy & Pre-Primary

Location: 106 Leslie Avenue, Fourways, Sandton. Gauteng

Principal/Owner: Natalie Webster
Call us on +273 505 1528 or Email                                                School Direct Cell 0656106174

Viewings: By Appointment Only. Natalie : 073 505 1528


To Natalie & Fourways Academy….Jon and I are so happy we made the change and moved Nathan and now Benjamin. He has grown and developed so much under the care and guidance of his two amazing teachers. They really are real treasures and we are grateful for every day he has spent with them. You can tell that they love all the children they teach and look after, they know each childs’ quirks and habits as if they were their own. You can be proud to have such amazing ladies at your school. It is not only Onicca and Nodi, every teacher knows each child which is amazing and comforting to know that everyone has an interest in all the children.Thank you for such a well run school and for always keeping the parents involved and informed ~ Samantha Pohlman~ Happy Parents ~


“I moved my 4 year old son to Fourways Academy in October last year and couldn’t believe the change in my ADHD son. Within a few weeks my son was much more content and looking forward to going to school. He concentrates and learns so much faster.
Within two months he knew all his colours and understood concept of counting but the best part was FreeStyle Kids understood my sons “moments” and without me even explaining how to deal with him, they already knew.
Fourways Academy have also gone one step further and introduced me to ILT (integrated learning therapy) and every day I am watching my son grow into a happy, confident boy!
Thank You! The teachers and staff are just wonderful ! “ Lisa – Logans Mom


“We have so loved and enjoyed his time at Fourways Academy and considering when we arrived at your school five years ago, we had no idea what we were doing. You have done a marvelous job over the years and Nathan has loved his teachers especially teacher Onicca and Kirsty and Shannon. These ladies are incredible and I hope they stay with you a long time teaching confidence and a can do attitude to the children at your school. Nathan will miss them dearly. Your school is by far one of the best facility in the area and if my kids are anything to go by, you are doing a wonderful job.” Tracey Parker – Nathan & Abigail


“I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for being such a wonderful teacher to Addison, I can see the changes in her and I am loving all the chatter going on at home.”  Cindy Du Toit 

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