1. Our food is prepared with only the freshest ingredients available and always on the day it is served.
  2. Our sandwiches are all prepared on brown bread with butter and a filling.
  3. When tea is served, Rooibos tea is used with/without fresh milk and minimal sugar.
  4. The juice we use is tartrazine and chemical free; children under one year of age are given Liquifruit or Ceres fruit juice, diluted with a little water OR alternatively we just provide cold water.
  5. Our menu is adapted to best suit the changing nutritional needs of the children with the change of each season. We do also cater for Vegetarian children or children with food allergies.
  6. Babies/Toddlers who still require formula will need it to be sent with them daily. The correct amount of bottles and formula must be sent. We will prepare the bottles so please send the formula dry. We will have boiled water should you not send that to mix the formula with.

All of our meals are balanced. All food is prepared in a hygienic kitchen with strict hygiene procedures. Meals are all Low GI and we other only the best produce and products on the market.

Please see the menu below. Meals are subject to change due to availability of products. However we try to maintain the menu below.

Any specific food needs or allergies must be told to the Principal and stated in the Enrolment form.